Matthew Guy

Matthew GuyI live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and have worked most of my professional career for universities on both sides of the Atlantic.

I grew up near Bury St. Edmunds in England until I moved to Leeds to become a student.

I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University) with a Bachelor of Arts with honours and became a member (and later a Fellow) of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

In 2006 after a lot of thought we moved to Nova Scotia in Canada.

Having worked in student housing in England, I worked for nine years for one of Canada’s top undergraduate universities.

In September 2016 I became Director of Student Success on a small campus of a larger Canadian university.

I am also the current President of the  Atlantic Association of College and University Student Services (AACUSS).

I have previously been a Vice President in my Students’ Union, a volunteer Director of a non-profit housing organisation, set up a community website, been an Annapolis River Guardian  as well as being part of many social and political campaigns. I am currently a member of the NSNDP Executive.

I live with my husband, our two sons, two cats, two dogs, and previously been home to varying numbers of chickens and a lame duck (he had only one foot).

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P.S. Confused? Did you want the Leader of the Australian Victoria State Liberals, Matthew Guy MP?

Matthew Guy - Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada


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  Between March 11th and 15th 2017 I will be attending the NASPA Conference in San Antonio, Texas. If you meet me at the conference or want to meet up, please send me a tweet, skype me or send me an iMessage. You can also use this form: The wonderful photo on this page and front …

The Shock Doctrine

I am starting to think that just like Naomi Klein outlines in The Shock Doctrine, the “shock” of the EU referendum in the UK is being exploited by the establishment in cahoots with the right wing of the Labour Party to generate a leadership crisis. The last thing the British establishment wants on its hands …


Hot on the heels of #aacuss16 from the Atlantic Association of College and University Student Services (of which I am the current President) I am off to the cacuss16 conference of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services. Although I have been to six AACUSS conferences, this will be my first CACUSS. Contact me …

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The photograph above (thumbnail below) was taken from my hotel room in San Antonio in March 2017 as the sun was setting. I know it is not Nova Scotia but I liked the photo.