Matthew Guy
Receiving my certificate from Past-President Marc Braithwaite

Last year I attended AACUSS 2011 at Dalhousie University in Halifax. It was a great event and in August following I applied and was selected for the stipend position of Secretary of AACUSS (the Atlantic Association of College and University Student Services). I have been dealing with a lot of the administration of the organisation since that time, trying to make the best use of our membership database software and streamlining a few administrative processes.

I was very much looking forward to AACUSS 2012 at the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown. I have been to Charlottetown twice before and it is a lovely little city. This conference involved quite a bit more work than last time due to additional administration for the Annual General Meeting and an Executive Committee meeting either side of the conference itself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the event, connecting with colleagues old and new, listening to different opinions and learning from each other. There were great sessions and keynote speakers and I particularly enjoyed hearing the “resilience” theories of Dr. Micheal Ungar, a great speaker and another fine doctor we are lucky to have in Nova Scotia. I also bought one of his books on resilience in troubled youth at the conference.

Well next year the event is being hosted at Acadia University and very much looking forward to this being a regular commitment in my calendar.

I have selected a few photographs below (I took many as “semi-official photographer”).

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