The Shock Doctrine

I am starting to think that just like Naomi Klein outlines in The Shock Doctrine, the “shock” of the EU referendum in the UK is being exploited by the establishment in cahoots with the right wing of the Labour Party to generate a leadership crisis. The last thing the British establishment wants on its hands is an anti-austerity leader of the Labour Party who could become Prime Minister and start undoing some of the neo-liberal policies being pursued in the UK.

The last thing the British people need is an opposition fighting among themselves rather than taking aim at the government.



Why I am supporting the NS NDP

Darrell Dexter at Pride

ndp ns logoThere has been a lot of criticism of the New Democratic Party (NDP) government in Nova Scotia.

I frequently hear that they are too close to big business or they are not radical enough or too right wing. I have some sympathy with these sentiments. I would prefer a party and a government with a more radical agenda and I would certainly describe myself to the left of Darrell Dexter. However, to paraphrase Mr. Dexter we are not choosing the perfect party to completely align with all our views and beliefs, we are choosing the best party among those on offer.

Protest votes

As a Labour party supporter in England under Tony Blair I had often experienced the feeling of disappointment that a party which was supposed to be of the labour movement was failing to meet that expectation. Many people wanted to get rid of the Labour government and foolishly voted Liberal Democrat in the election of 2010. The Liberals had painted themselves as more radical than Labour and fooled many people. Voting Liberal Democrat delivered a minority government and the Liberals formed a coalition with the Conservative Party which put David Cameron in Downing Street.

The resulting coalition in the UK has been the most backward looking reactionary government since Margaret Thatcher.

Voting against something can deliver you something far worse.

Nova Scotia is Better because of the NDP

NDP in Nova Scotia have:

  • increased the minimum wage when the Liberals and Conservatives voted against it
  • increased the age for free dental care from 10 to 13
  • bought the Bowater lands for the people of the province
  • introduced anti-discrimination legislation for transgender people
  • protected vast tracts of Nova Scotia’s land for the future

I truly believe that the NDP will be better than the Liberals and certainly better than the Conservatives. I guess some people were disillusioned with the Conservatives prior to 2009 and voted NDP as a protest… of course they may be disappointed by this government but I believe, on balance, they are the best party to lead Nova Scotia and will be getting my vote.

 Dental care thanks to the NDP

Darrell Dexter at Pride
Darrell Dexter is the first Nova Scotia Premier to attend Halifax Pride

Nova Scotian Economy

CBC Mainstreet are currently having a series of interviews about the Nova Scotia economy. Last week they featured Don Mills and Bill Black – at this current time you can hear their interviews by visiting the Mainstreet website.

There were some things I agreed with but many I did not. I started to record a reply but went on far more than the three minutes Audioboo allows.

This was my second attempt and a lot shorter.

Shorter Mainstreet comment (mp3)