Harry Leslie Smith in Halifax

When I heard that Harry Leslie Smith would be in Halifax on July 15th I was determined to be there. If you have not heard of him, I recommend this video from the 2014 Labour Party conference in the UK.

There are not many people I will endure a two hour drive getting home at 11:30pm for but I guess there are not going to be that many times that Canada’s oldest rebel[1. https://twitter.com/broadbent/status/608114805753278464] will be able to travel across the country. The event, called the Stand up for Progress Tour was organized by the Broadbent Institute and was visiting a number of cities in Canada.

Here are a few photographs I took, click for bigger versions.

There was a panel discussion following Harry’s talk which included:

A few questions were taken from the audience but despite a plea from Costas, very few kept their contributions short, and as usual some speeches were given instead of questions asked.

There were some great tweets from the event too:

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting which helped to remind me why I am involved in politics and why it does matter to people’s lives.


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