Harry Leslie Smith in Halifax

When I heard that Harry Leslie Smith would be in Halifax on July 15th I was determined to be there. If you have not heard of him, I recommend this video from the 2014 Labour Party conference in the UK.

There are not many people I will endure a two hour drive getting home at 11:30pm for but I guess there are not going to be that many times that Canada’s oldest rebel will be able to travel across the country. The event, called the Stand up for Progress Tour was organized by the Broadbent Institute and was visiting a number of cities in Canada.

Here are a few photographs I took, click for bigger versions.

There was a panel discussion following Harry’s talk which included:

A few questions were taken from the audience but despite a plea from Costas, very few kept their contributions short, and as usual some speeches were given instead of questions asked.

There were some great tweets from the event too:

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting which helped to remind me why I am involved in politics and why it does matter to people’s lives.


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