London Calling

I am an Englishman and a Canadian. I lived in England for my first 38 years and Canada for the last nine. Our children were born in Canada and had never been to the UK, they had not met some of the family and had never even been on a plane.

We decided some time ago it was important for our boys to have some experiences we relished as children as well as visiting friends and relatives we talk to and about and have Skyped with in the past.

We knew it would not be cheap. Flights for four are… guess what… four times more expensive than flights for one – and my last three flights to the UK were paid for to attend or speak at events in London. We saved up and at times had to ignore the absolute craziness of some of the costs (“the hotel in London is how much? An extra $40 night for a Thames view… why not.. it is daft money anyway”).

So we saved, we got passports sorted for the boys (and a Canadian one for my husband) and we headed to the UK in July this year.

We had the most amazing time. We tried to do too much and failed to achieve a couple of things from our list but it was a great experience for all of us.


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