I always have about a million ideas and a firm realization that most will not come to fruition – but you never know… with the right collaborators and the right timing. I created this page after being inspired by the website.

Things I would like to work on:

  • A fediverse podcast discussion app – like BookWyrm for podcasts – recommend, review, discuss, share. I don’t want to create this one I want someone to make it – but happy to be a “critical friend” on what I envisage.
  • A community wifi network for my neighbourhood to provide cheap reliable internet (think NYCMesh or Freifunk but small). #CommunityNetworks #Wifi #CommunityWifi
  • A progressive politics talking shop/think tank to talk about ideas of a progressive nature and enthuse people to be involved in things when elections or other campaigns and issues come around. This could be hyper local or more regional. It would be nice to have an engaged and well trained activist base who could use their efforts. Perhaps more online than in person or mix of the two to make it easy to participate casually. #Progressive #ProgressivePolitics #Activism #CommunityOrganizing #CapacityBuilding
  • Helping set up a community organization (like these) for the neighbourhood to help improve where I live (I do not want to start and run something but happy to help someone else). #Neighbourhood #NeighbourhoodAssociation #Community #CommunityAssosociation
  • And one million more around politics, technology and often their intersection

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