Saturday mornings

Three children from the back holding hands walking down a sidewalk

I love Saturday mornings. I think I have always loved Saturday mornings. It used to be cartoons and Swap Shop and No. 73 (where I was introduced the wonderful Sandi Toksvig).

Now it is a time to drink coffee, drink tea, spend time idly reading the news or falling down my latest research rabbit hole. I might install a new piece of software. I will inevitably share memes with my husband as we spend relaxing wonderful companionable downtime together.

In the past he used to sell his cards at a local farmers market so it was a time spent apart. Or I would bring the kids (when they were kids) to the market to hang out with other stall-holders kids and find myself as a communal childminder.

Farmer’s Market Unofficial daycare!

Now it is such perfect peaceful time. Cuddles with the dog, or the cats or the dog pushing the cats out of the way to exert their jealous dominance.

It used to be time for The House on CBC but right now, Canadian and world politics is not particularly engaging and full of dread and doom with possibilities of right wing governments coming to power in both the U.S. and Canada.

The only problem is that far too soon, it is lunchtime and Saturday morning is over. Time to walk the dog, have lunch, do chores, get on with life.

By Matthew Guy

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