5 ways to support progressive candidates in elections

Folding tables are ideal to lend to a campaign

If you are in Canada and want to help progressive candidates:

  1. Donate some money! Winning elections costs lots of money. At tax time you can get generous tax credits which means it only costs you about 25% of the contribution. This is the best way you can support progressive candidates.
  2. Volunteer – knock doors, make phone calls, make coffee for volunteers, drop off nutritious lunch at the campaign office. Do you have IT skills? Can you put up signs or drive around dropping them off or picking up voters, volunteers or paperwork? Campaigns need volunteers, they are the lifeblood. Every hour you donate of your time means the campaign gets closer to identifying the people who will vote for your candidate.
  3. Lend office furniture – campaign offices need furniture – folding tables, folding chairs, and desks. Label them up well (or sharpie on the bottom of a table). Head to Costco and buy some there (folding items are useful to store and use around the house too).
  4. Lend equipment – phones (landline or cell), printers (working and with ink), coffee machine, microwave, laptops and desktop computers, televisions (for watching results) are all useful to an election campaign.
  5. Share progressive ideas and challenge the lies. Post on social media, talk to your friends, challenge falsehoods, share the post of your favourite politicians.

I have created a longer post on this subject if you want to know more.

By Matthew Guy

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