So showing off the wonderful way people parted for the ambulance reminded me I have a dash cam in my car. This week I dug out some footage to show how truly terrifying rural roads can occasionally be. Even though it was before 7am in the morning, luckily my defensive driving skills were close to… Continue reading Yikes!

5 ways to support progressive candidates in elections

If you are in Canada and want to help progressive candidates: Donate some money! Winning elections costs lots of money. At tax time you can get generous tax credits which means it only costs you about 25% of the contribution. This is the best way you can support progressive candidates. Volunteer - knock doors, make… Continue reading 5 ways to support progressive candidates in elections

Bridgetown church

Sad seeing the Baptist Church in Bridgetown burn to the ground yesterday morning. It was quite unusual architecturally and was apparently built in the 1890s. Bridgetown has lost some of its nice old buildings in recent years. Photograph from Facebook