Mastodon needs list maker

As my use of the was expanding, and without algorithms telling me what to see I decided to create lists of my followed depending if I wanted to see local information, politics, 2SLGBTQ views, tech stuff etc etc.

Unfortunately you cannot import lists into my new instance so the work was rather in vain – it also took ages.

Some clever bean should create a drag and drop tool to create lists and drop followees into them.

Truro on US TV…

It’s not unusual to have a mention of Nova Scotia on a movie or TV show but Truro, Nova Scotia… they weren’t very nice about us in the context of the plot of Blacklist. Q. Where’s my money? A. If I had it do you think I would be in Nova Scotia? Ouch.

Looks a bit different too.

Certainly not Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada - some coastal town with tropical looking mountains in the background.