Send a message to Smith

I just signed: Danielle Smith needs to know she is not the only one who deserves the right to be known by a different name! Edit:I also found LeadNow have a petition to the Health Minister (Mark Holland) asking the Federal Government to tie increases in health spending to allowing gender-affirming care:

Saturday mornings

I love Saturday mornings. I think I have always loved Saturday mornings. It used to be cartoons and Swap Shop and No. 73 (where I was introduced the wonderful Sandi Toksvig). Now it is a time to drink coffee, drink tea, spend time idly reading the news or falling down my latest research rabbit hole.… Continue reading Saturday mornings

Windy week

Windy week with two power outages (power cuts as we called them in the UK). The weather has been very unseasonable for January - earlier today we walked the dog in sunshine and six degrees and there is no snow on the grass in our back garden. Last night's power outage started at 9:38pm and… Continue reading Windy week


I have been listening to: Death of a Codebreaker – currently listening to. Blood on the Dancefloor – about the terrorist murder of a gay policeman in 1990s Northern Ireland. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 A Very British Cult – British “Life Coaching” group “Lighthouse International” exposed 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Believe in Magic – surprising twists and turns in the story of a young woman,… Continue reading Podcasts