Fake spring

Toasted Yorkshire teacake
Oatmilk latte in a china Ikea cup
Toasted Yorkshire teacake

Yesterday was one of those marvellous March days in Nova Scotia I call “fake spring” as it makes you think that this is the way the days are going to be from now on.. but sadly not.

The sun was out making it lovely and warm. The sort of day that makes you want to start gardening and getting ready for the warmer weather. But remember… fake spring is just an illusion.

We went on two dog walks in the sunshine, did the smallest amount of tidying in the garden. Sat on the doorstep with the dog and then came inside for a lovely homemade toasted Yorkshire teacake and an oat milk latte.

By Matthew Guy

An Englishman in New Scotland. My main social networking account is my Mastodon @matthewguy@mstdn.ca Follow my posts from any Fediverse enabled site @matthewguy@matthewguy.com or through the RSS feed https://matthewguy.com/rss

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